Baltimore Orioles: Chris Davis & His Three Home-Run Game

In 2020, Baltimore Orioles long-time veteran Chris Davis seems almost like an after thought.

He’s there, but only because the Baltimore Orioles paid him a lot of money to something he doesn’t do much anymore: hit home runs.

Every now and then, we get to see signs of what kind of ball player he once was. And, then history reminds us why he makes what he does.

On August 24, 2012, Chris Davis accomplished a unique feat: he hit three home runs in one game.

He did it against the Toronto Blue Jays at Camden Yards. And, if that event was special enough, there is one more three-home-run event tied to it. In the previous game on August 22, the Orioles played the Texas Rangers and Adrian Beltre hit three home runs against the Birds.

So, the only team to ever play in two consecutive games with one player hitting three home runs is the Orioles.

During the August 22 game in Texas, Beltre hit three home runs and earned five RBI. The Orioles lost that game 12-3. Fortunately, the O’s had the 23rd off so they could recover from Beltre’s shellacking. And, Davis clearly learned from his former teammate and repeated the accomplishment himself. Another interesting tidbit about the August 24 game is that Zach Britton was the starting pitcher on record.

Against the Blue Jays, Davis went 3-4 with four RBI. That year he hit 33 home runs, and in 2013, he led the AL with 53. Those days are long gone, as in 2019, Davis hit 12 home runs. He has yet to go yard in 2020 and being on the IL certainly won’t help his case.

Before he departed for the IL, he was batting a slash of .122/.173/.184 in 49 at-bats. The Orioles have played 28 games, so with the season almost halfway over, there’s a good chance that Davis might not come back in 2020.

Fortunately, recorded the video so we can watch Davis “crush” the balls over the fence and onto Eutaw Street, right field, and left field.

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Davis’s contract has two more years and $46 million on it. Despite his immense salary, the young group of Orioles are excelling without him. It would be nice for him to get back some of his prowess at the plate, because in his heyday, he was something. Fortunately for Davis, the Orioles front office took notice and they paid him handsomely for it.