Baltimore Orioles: Be Grateful That There’s a Season, Even If It’s Mediocre


With encouraging news regarding low numbers of positive COVID-19 tests in Major League Baseball, it looks as though Baltimore Orioles opening day will happen

So, come July 24, Baltimore Orioles fans should be pumped.

While the Orioles may be terrible again in this shortened, 60-game regular season, there is no need for O’s fans to complain this year. I just flat out do not want to hear it. Orioles fans need to be grateful for baseball at all this year, no matter how good or bad their team is.

Losing is tough but it is not as tough as not having baseball at all. We are living in the midst of a global pandemic. When spring training was halted Mar. 12 due to the coronavirus, I was pretty sure there would be no MLB season in 2020. Now that there is a season for sure, wins and losses are a moot point. Sure, a winning ball club would be fun, but just being able to watch Orioles games during this nightmare of a year is something to celebrate.

My advice to Baltimore fans is to enjoy the positives this year. Enjoy the young core.

Maybe Ryan Mountcastle will win rookie of the year?

Maybe Adley Rutschman will get a crack at the big league level?

Maybe Chris Davis will finally bounce back after a solid spring training and start finally living up to that ridiculous contract Dan Duquette gave him?

All of these are big ifs, but they are positive things to think about.

In 2020, it’s not time to complain about sports. It is a time for cherishing the few moments we have watching our favorite teams. Good or bad, our teams are not something to take for granted.

As we now know, sports can be ripped away from us seemingly overnight.

So again, I do not want to go on twitter and see a bunch of fans complaining about how painful watching Orioles baseball is. Just be happy to watch it at all.

Buy some hot dogs, grill them up, crack open a cold one and sit back and enjoy Orioles versus Red Sox live from an empty Fenway Park on July 24 at 7:30 p.m. ET.