Baltimore Orioles Oddly Release Mediocre 2021 MLB Schedule

If 2020 couldn’t get any stranger, the MLB – including the Baltimore Orioles – released their 2021 schedule.

And, sadly, after the Baltimore Orioles are stuck playing NL East interleague games in 2020, they will again see the NL East in 2021.

While it’s nice to begin making plans for March 2021, the average fan probably still isn’t sure what’s happening in their lives next week. And, no one even knows for sure if the O’s and other teams will play ball on the new “Opening Day” as players all over the League continue to self-quarantine with new, positive COVID-19 tests.

To top off the oddness of releasing the 2021 schedule, we just learned the Orioles 2020 schedule. And, didn’t finish analyzing how many games the O’s will lose in their 60-game challenges against the AL East and NL East.

You can see the schedule in one place thanks to Orioles Twitter:

One wise move the MLB made was moving Opening Day to April. Those late March games have too many weather-related issues to be reliable. But, Boston is not known for having the nicest weather in early April, and that’s where the O’s start the 2021 season. Then, they move to New York for a series against the Yankees, before celebrating Camden Yards Opening Day on April 8, against Boston again.

While it’s not an ideal way to open the 2021 season, it’s still better than the Brewers 2021 schedule where they open the season in frigid Minnesota, then go to Chicago to play on the north side. Brrr …

With so many stadiums in warm states or with roofs, it’s a wonder that the MLB still manages to schedule early-season games in places where it still can snow.

So, back to Baltimore and the 2021 schedule. Assuming the Orioles haven’t made many big-name veteran signings by the time April 2021 appears, there is a very good possibility the O’s be firmly set in last place before the end of May. The Birds play the Yankees and Red Sox10 times in April and May. They also face the Rays for a series in May, and they play the Athletics and White Sox – both who should prove to be solid teams in 2020. They also face the Nationals in May.

Early 2021 might not be too joyful for O’s fans. They don’t see fellow rebuilders until July and August. The O’s play the Royals after the All-Star Break, and they play the Tigers in late July and early August. The Orioles end the season in Toronto on October 3.

If the teams host fans at Camden Yards, there is some good news. You might be able to enjoy Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, and Labor Day at Camden Yards. The O’s are scheduled to play the Angels in Anaheim on Independence Day.

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According to the Orioles official website, there is no news on when tickets for the 2021 schedule will be available. Which is perfectly fine.




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