Baltimore Orioles: When Dave Duncan Tied the MLB Doubles Record

In the MLB, extra-base hits are a major feat, even if its just a double. And, when it comes to Baltimore Orioles and doubles, there are several who have set records for hitting them.

One of the notable Baltimore Orioles accomplishments happened on June 30, 1975, when Dave Duncan joined the field of most doubles hit it one game.

Ironically, it was in game-two of a double-header. (There’s a record for most doubles in a double-header – but he didn’t set that one.)

If you don’t know who Duncan is (and young Orioles fans probably don’t), he was a catcher who played for 11 seasons. He began his career with the Kansas City Athletics, then he moved out to Oakland with them, spending 7 years in that organization. He was traded to the Indians in 1973. And, two seasons later, he was traded to the Orioles in exchange for Boog Powell in 1975. He spent his last two seasons in Baltimore.

After his stint playing, he became one of the most notable pitching coaches in the game. In his career as a pitching coach with the White Sox, A’s, and Cardinals, four of his proteges earned Cy Young Awards. He kept outstanding records on every batter and changed the way pitchers approached the game.

But on June 30, 1975, he showcased his prowess as a batter. In the second game of a double-header against the Red Sox at Fenway, he hit four doubles in five at-bats. He scored three runs and earned an RBI. Double seemed to the Orioles way that night as Jim Northrup and Bobby Grich both hit their own doubles, too.

Duncan batted fourth in the lineup and struck out in his first at-bat. Then, he doubled in the 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 8th. He scored a run in the 3rd, 7th, and 8th. He earned his lone RBI in the 8th. By the end of the game, Duncan earned a place in the doubles record book.

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He is joined by a handful of other Orioles. In 2009, Brian Roberts hit 56 doubles, the most for a switch-hitter in the AL; he shares that honor with Jose Ramirez of the Indians who did the same in 2017. Charlie Lau and Albert Belle have also hit four doubles in one game. Lau did it in 1962, and Belle did it twice in 1999.



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