Baltimore Orioles: Sign Westburg and Haskin at Market Price

According to the latest news out of the world of the Baltimore Orioles, two more of their draft picks have contracts.

Jordan Westburg and Hudson Haskins are now officially members of the Baltimore Orioles squad.

Westburg was the Competitive Balance Round A selection – technically the 30th pick; and Hudson Haskin was the 39th pick.

The Orioles have already paid higher than slot price for some of their latest picks. But, they are expected to pay under slot price for their first pick, Heston Kjerstad. Westburg received $2.3 million for his slot and Haskin received $1.9 million for his.

Taking Kjerstad as the #2 pick in the draft let the Orioles sign their later picks for more money. While the Kjerstad pick at #2 shocked the baseball world, Westburg was expected to be picked somewhere in the top 40. Haskin was picked higher than expected.

Westburg is shortstop from Mississippi State who had a handful of appearances in the College World Series. He’s not considered a consistent hitter, but he’s strong defensively. MLB coaches will be able to work on his swing, as he’s only 21 years old. At 6’3 and just over 200 pounds, he looks more like a third baseman than a shortstop.

Haskin is an outfielder from Tulane. He’s also 21, but has better results at the plate. Many describe his swing as quirky and ugly, like that of Hunter Pence. He’s got speed and a good arm, so he could eventually patrol centerfield for the Orioles.

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According to MLB Trade Rumors, the Orioles have two players left to sign, Kjerstad and Anthony Servideo. As the #2 pick, Kjerstad could receive up to $7.7 million. Servideo could receive $844,200 for being a third round #74 pick. If the Orioles can sign Kjerstad for less, they could give Servideo more, just like they tripled the amount of slot money they gave to Coby Mayo and Carter Baumier who were chosen in the fourth and fifth rounds.