Baltimore Orioles: Brian Roberts Gets “Legend” Status

Are you a fan of MLB The Show? A former Baltimore Orioles infielder is being added to the newest version of the popular video game.

MLB The Show is back for 2020, and a familiar face in Birdland will be returning to the game.  In the third installment of their weekly live streams yesterday, developer San Diego Studio announced that former Baltimore Orioles infielder Brian Roberts will be one of the playable legends in the new edition, officially out March 17th.

The Show uses the term “legend” quite loosely to mean any player in the game who is retired, but we are not complaining about Roberts’ inclusion.  The Oriole Hall of Famer played in two All-Star games, led the AL in doubles twice, in 2004 and 2009, and led the league in steals in 2007.  While other video game fans might not think much of this, the addition of Roberts in certainly welcome in Birdland.

Along with Brian Roberts, SDS said they are adding John Olerud, who was part of the two Blue Jays World Series teams.  The new reveal follows the Braves big three pitchers of John Smoltz, Greg Maddux, and Tom Glavine, as well as more recent superstars Mariano Rivera and David Ortiz joining the most consistent baseball video game.

Besides my fond memories of Brian Roberts on real diamonds during the Dark Ages, the second baseman was a staple in my starting lineup in old editions of The Show.  With a smaller strike zone and line drive ability, Roberts was a consistent leadoff hitter batting in the .380’s who would inevitably find himself at second base because of a double or steal.  The Show today is all about home runs like in real life, but I am excited to play with a contact speedster again.

San Diego Studio has no plans for this, but if they wanted to go meta and laugh at themselves a little bit, they could add Brian as a commentator to the game.  We found out last season on MASN broadcasts that Roberts has a real fresh voice in the booth, and his knowledge of baseball today is a good balance for a crew that tends to skew older.

Also of interest to Oriole fans while the major league team struggles is that SDS is adding full minor league rosters of real players for the first time.  In past years only those with major league experience have been recognizable in AA and AAA games, but now fans will get to play Bowie and Norfolk games with Yusniel Diaz and other notable Top 30 prospects instead of a disproportionate amount of fake players with Rollie Fingers mustaches.

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After the marginal improvements last year, the wide variety of additions this year should make The Show 20 one of the best in the series, and a Diamond Dynasty lineup of Roberts, Ripken, Robinson, and Murray sure sounds fun while the DFA carousel continues in Baltimore.

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