Baltimore Orioles: Will DJ Stewart play next to Cedric Mullins in 2019?

It took DJ Stewart a few games to get comfortable at the plate, but now that he’s found that comfort zone, he’s making the most of his time in the Baltimore Orioles lineup

It’s only a small sample size so far, but DJ Stewart looks like he wants to stick around on the Baltimore Orioles 40-man roster for the foreseeable future. Sure, he might’ve gotten off to a slow start, but he’s turning it around and has had some clutch hits in the last few games.

I know I’m not the only one looking forward to seeing what Stewart can do with a full season on the Orioles roster.

Nick Markakis got his shot in the Majors at an early age when Baltimore was in constant rebuild mode and he turned out to be a pretty darn good player.

I’d like to see DJ Stewart be the next Nick Markakis on the Orioles roster. He can play next to Cedric Mullins in the outfield, but also platoon at DH if needed since he’s sort of a huskier player.

The talk is that Dan Duquette might get a contract extension to lead the overhaul of the roster.

By calling up Stewart in September, it shows that Duquette sees potential and a future star on the Orioles; a player that will hit for average and has pop.

In only 11 games in the majors, DJ Stewart has a .259 average with two homers and seven RBI. He’s walked three times while striking out six.

Rebuilding is not an easy thing for fans to hear, but in the end this should be a good way to see who will help bring a winner back to Baltimore.

DJ Stewart is one player that could help.

Do you think DJ Stewart will be on the Opening Day Roster in 2019 and playing next to Cedric Mullins?