Baltimore Orioles raise ticket prices

Courtesy of Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports
Courtesy of Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports /

The Baltimore Orioles have raised ticket prices, but with good reason, for 2016.

If you’re a Baltimore Orioles fan, you had to know that the O’s would raise their ticket prices in 2016. And perhaps with good reason if you think about it. Dan Duquette inked first baseman Chris Davis to the largest contract in team history just a few weeks ago.

Courtesy of Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports
Courtesy of Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports /

That, combined with some of the other contracts the Birds have taken on – or kept – this year make it fairly understandable why this is happening. First off, this is only the third time in 12 years that the O’s will have raised ticket prices. And in reality, the changes won’t break anyone’s bank.

The best way to save money will still be to purchase a season ticket package. However the cost of individual game tickets will rise from $3-$10, depending on the seat location and the game. Approximately 40% of the ballpark will still be available for $20 or less. While nobody likes hearing that their costs will go up, purchasing baseball tickets for that price isn’t going to break anyone’s bank.

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  • I would also point out that tickets to Orioles games can routinely be found on Stub Hub on the day of the game. In saying that, I mean they can be found at below face value. And for various seating locations.

    However also keep in mind that a day at Camden Yards is still one of the most affordable and cost-effective outings in sports. Fans are still allowed to bring their own food and soda into the ballpark, and yes tickets are still cheaper than what we see across sports. And incidentally that bit about bringing your own food…a lot of folks aren’t aware of that. Hit up a sandwhich shop prior to the game, or heck even make your own at home! The only thing you can’t bring in are canned beverages or alcohol (and no hard coolers).

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    At the end of the day, Dan Duquette’s pledge is to put a competitive team on the field everyday. Since he’s been in Baltimore, the Orioles have done that. And yes, the unfortunate result is that sometimes things cost a bit extra. However I suspect that given the amount of money we’re talking about in terms of increases, odds are fans won’t have too big a problem with it.

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    As I’ve said many times, baseball’s a business. If McDonalds was going to start using higher-end beef, odds would be that the price of hamburgers would go up. Unfortunately that’s how it works, folks. However as I said, Oriole games are one of the best values in sports. If you look at ticket prices across the industry, you’ll see that’s true. Worse yet, you could have purchased yourself an ice cold beer at this past weekend’s Super Bowl…for $13!