Baltimore Orioles: Delmon Young arrested

Courtesy of Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports
Courtesy of Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports /

Delmon Young, formerly of the Baltimore Orioles, was arrested over the weekend in Miami.

You know it must be a slow news day in the world of the Baltimore Orioles when we end up reporting on a former player gone wrong. Nevertheless, former Oriole Delmon Young was arrested over the weekend in Miami Beach. He has been charged with battery after he allegedly threatened to kill a Valet attendant at a Miami club after grabbing him around the neck.

Courtesy of Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports
Courtesy of Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports /

Miami police went to his house to arrest him, and according to a report apparently forgot to put on his pants in order to answer the door. Then then apparently became agitated with the arresting officer, and used an ethnic slur towards him during the arrest process. Somehow people can’t go easily, can they?!

Young has had problems like this in the past, including four years ago when he was found guilty of aggravated assault harrassment and a hate crime in New York. He was playing for Detroit at the time, and made an anti-Jewish remark which prompted a suspension from MLB. In theory, this incident should prompt a bigger penalty.

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  • I say in theory, because Young isn’t currently in the game. He’s a free agent, although the Orioles were his most recent team. He was with the Birds in 2014-15, although he was DFA’d last year on July 9th. If he was looking to play somewhere in 2016, I suspect that this incident is going to hinder that effort. And I say that both in the sense of a team wanting to take a chance on him, as well as in the sense that they’d be getting a guy who could be suspended at any point along the way.

    Young’s time in Baltimore will be fondly remembered regardless of this incident. The thing for which he’ll be remembered the most is possibly onee of the best Oriole postseason moments ever. In game two of the 2014 ALDS, the Birds trailed by two in the last of the eighth with the base loaded. Young came in as a pinch hitter, and sent the first pitch deep into the left field corner, clearing the bases and giving the Orioles the lead – and the win.

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    That moment obviously is a far from what he’s currently having to go through. Young came off as very mild-tempered while he was with the Orioles, and he never made any waves per se. He was thought of as a great clubhouse guy as well, and again all of that is a far cry from his current situation.

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    The only thing you can hope for Young is that he pleads guilty, serves whatever sentence he receives as a result, and gets himself some help. Lots of people struggle with anger, however grabbing someone by the throat takes it to a different level.