Predicting the Orioles' offensive leaderboard: Will Gunnar run away with MVP honors?

With expectations set high for this offense, who will lead the team in these major categories?
Division Series - Texas Rangers v Baltimore Orioles - Game Two
Division Series - Texas Rangers v Baltimore Orioles - Game Two / Greg Fiume/GettyImages
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Orioles OPS Leader: Gunnar Henderson

Henderson is going to have a great season. As previously mentioned, Henderson had a really rough first couple of months last season before turning it around and winning Rookie of the Year. Even with that being said, he still led the team in OPS at .814.

Rutschman and Santander will give him competition, but Henderson seems to be the perfect blend of both of their games. Henderson has the ability to get on base at a high rate and draw a lot of walks like Rutschman, yet he also has the extra-base hit ability of Santander.

Orioles Stolen Base Leader: Cedric Mullins

Mullins had a down year in 2023, but he has shown the ability to be an elite player in the past. A huge part of Mullins' game is his ability to steal bases, something he has done 83 times in the past three seasons. His stolen base numbers took a dip last season (finishing with 19). but he battled injuries throughout the season and never seemed to be himself.

Mullins will get back to his roots, taking advantage of the new stolen base rules that were implemented before last season. He'll get plenty of at-bats at the top of the lineup, so if he can get on base at a solid rate, he's going to steal a lot of bases in 2024.