Predicting the Orioles' offensive leaderboard: Will Gunnar run away with MVP honors?

With expectations set high for this offense, who will lead the team in these major categories?

Division Series - Texas Rangers v Baltimore Orioles - Game Two
Division Series - Texas Rangers v Baltimore Orioles - Game Two / Greg Fiume/GettyImages
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Orioles On-Base Percentage Leader: Adley Rutschman

Not much of a shocker here. Rutschman is going to lead the team in on-base percentage. Out of all the qualified hitters on the Orioles, Rutschman had the highest OBP by a mile in 2023. He ended the season getting on base at a .374 clip, with Ryan Mountcastle being the second closest at just .328.

Aaron Hicks finished the season with a slightly higher OBP, but he played in only 65 games compared to Rutschman's 154. Rutschman has one of the best batting eyes in the league, finishing with the eighth most walks in MLB last season.

Orioles Slugging Percentage Leader: Gunnar Henderson

As mentioned earlier, Henderson racks up the extra-base hits. He recorded 28 home runs, 29 doubles, and nine triples in his rookie season, leading to a team-high .489 slugging percentage. Going into his second full season, it's hard to imagine Henderson not raising that home run total, which will significantly raise his slugging.

Henderson may have some competition in Santander, but Henderson will likely lead the team. Even in a season where he hit 28 home runs and had 41 doubles (the third-most in the majors), Santander still recorded a lower slugging percentage then Henderson. All signs point to Henderson repeating this trend.