Orioles vs. Royals Weather Updates: Possible rain delay for Irvin's 2024 debut

The weather is not cooperating with the Orioles' plans to keep the good times rolling.

Detroit Tigers v Baltimore Orioles
Detroit Tigers v Baltimore Orioles / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

The Baltimore Orioles are on quite the roll to start the 2024 season. They currently sit at 3-1 with a schedule that sets up well for them through the first month of the season. However, the games are played on the field, and the Orioles are having to match up with an improved Royals team that is looking to turn around what has been a tough stretch for their franchise. Unfortunately, the weather does not seem to be cooperating.

While there was some hope that there would be a weather window around the 6:35 PM EST start of tonight's game in Baltimore to get the game in, we are officially on rain delay watch as the weather in the area does not look promising at all.

Orioles vs. Royals Weather Updates: Will there be a rain delay and how long will it last?

So the weather forecast for the Baltimore area is not overly helpful here, as it is basically showing a 50%-ish chance of rain for most of the evening, with a lot of storms in the general area. With all of the weather hanging around the region the next day or two, there are a lot of incentives to try to get the game in, so if a window presents itself, the two teams are going to take it.

A rain delay could unfortunately delay Cole Irvin's 2024 debut. Irvin had a challenging spring camp, but his increased velocity did have some Orioles officials excited for his potential again. Unfortunately, the biggest thing he had going for him was that he didn't have any minor league options left, but hopefully he can show that he is more than just a result of roster depth management.

Facing the Orioles this evening (if/when that happens) will be Alec Marsh. Marsh did not have a good 2023 season with the Royals, splitting time between the bullpen and the rotation. However, he did look better this spring and managed to outright win a spot in their rotation. Still, one has to think that this is a prime opportunity for the Orioles' offense to tee off, assuming that they can get this game in.

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