Orioles rival's team chemistry could be headed for trouble with latest addition

One of the Orioles division rivals could be in for trouble after this signing
Sep 28, 2023; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Marcus Stroman (0) throws against the Atlanta Braves
Sep 28, 2023; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Marcus Stroman (0) throws against the Atlanta Braves / Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

On Thursday, news broke that Marcus Stroman, who could have been a target of the Orioles, signed with the division rival New York Yankees on a two-year contract worth $18.5 million per season, with the ability to get a third-year option if he throws over 140 innings in 2025.

However, it's not a secret that Stroman hasn't exactly been complimentary of the Yankees in the past. Stroman's twitter beef with the Yankees goes back to 2019, when Brian Cashman said that he didn't believe Stroman would be a difference maker to the team when they didn't trade for him at the deadline. Stroman responded with a graphic of stats comparing his to the Yankees rotation.

While Stroman is a good pitcher and the Yankees needed an arm for their rotation, there's a very real possibility this move could backfire on the team due to Stroman's previous shot-taking at the Yankees, with the same regime still in place. It could end up being a move that has an impact on their team chemistry, which would be great news for the Orioles as they look to repeat as AL East Champions.

Could Marcus Stroman signing with the Yankees backfire on the team?

Since he called out Cashman in 2019, Stroman has gone at the Yankees multiple times. He went after the Yankees rotation in 2020, saying no Yankee pitcher will be near his league in the next 5-7 years and that their pitching always folds under pressure.

He liked a tweet that called Cole a baby and went on an anti-Yankee tirade in 2021 after reports came out that he wanted to play for the Yankees when he was pitching for the Mets. He also stood with Alek Manoah in 2022 when he called Cole the biggest cheater in baseball history.

Stroman has always had an ego and has been quick to speak his mind whenever he wants to. While he has experience pitching under the New York lights thanks to his Mets playing days from 2019-2021, his ego and personality might not mesh well with the Yankees locker room and could cause more trouble than his talent is worth.

If that's what ends up happening, Orioles fans will be sitting back and laughing at the Yankees expen