10 all-time worst trades in Baltimore Orioles history

Get ready for some pain, Orioles fans. Here are the worst trades in franchise history.

Detroit Tigers v Baltimore Orioles
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No team is immune from making trades that turn out to be stinkers and the Baltimore Orioles are no exception. In fairness, the Orioles have also been responsible from some of the best trades in league history. The trade that brought Frank Robinson to the Orioles back in 1965 still brings smiles to the faces of Orioles fans even today.

However, to gain infamy, a trade has to do more than just not work out. Lots of deals fizzle out and fans can barely remember that they even happened. There are some deals, though, that are seared into a franchise's memory as turning out so gross that even mentioning them will get a grimace from the Orioles' faithful. Those are the deals that will be talked about here.

Here are the 10 worst trades in Baltimore Orioles history

This is purely going to be a look at the results of trades here. Hindsight is a funny thing and some of these moves had real justification back when they were made. Unfortunately, history doesn't remember a lot of that and definitely remembers when future All-Stars and Hall of Famers get shipped out of town for returns that don't move the needle. Is that entirely fair? No, but that doesn't make it any less true.

Let's take a look at 10 of the worst trades in Baltimore Orioles history.