On this day in Baltimore Orioles History: Cal utterly dominates the Braves

Cal Ripken Jr. (#8) of the Baltimore Orioles. (Photo by Jon Soohoo/WireImage)
Cal Ripken Jr. (#8) of the Baltimore Orioles. (Photo by Jon Soohoo/WireImage) /

This week’s edition of OTD takes a look at the Baltimore Orioles’ domination over the Atlanta Braves as Cal’s bat came alive on June 13, 1999. Enjoy!

The Baltimore Orioles gave the Braves a complete beat-down, scoring 22 runs on 25 hits and sweeping the Braves in the ATL over a 3-game stretch. It all culminated with the O’s showing up on national television (yes, that was a thing) and rolling the Braves on Sunday Night Baseball. Taking the charge that night was none other than Cal Ripken Jr., who not only broke an O’s record but had six RBIs, two home runs, and 13 total bases.

The night opened with Braves pitcher John Smoltz only being about 3/4 of the way healthy, and as Jon Miller and Joe Morgan calmly joked about how his 70% is better than other 100%, the Baltimore Orioles began the beatdown of epic proportions. The O’s started the night scoring five runs in the top of the 1st.

With two runs already across the board, Cal stepped up to the plate with two on. The Ironman started off his 6-6 night with a towering 3-run shot and to bookend the 1st inning. With Mike Mussina on the mound, the Baltimore Orioles were in Allstate-type hands, as he only gave up one hit through two innings. From there, things lit up again for the offense.

On this day in Baltimore Orioles History: Cal utterly dominates the Braves

Just as Cal ended the 1st inning with a bang, he also ended Smoltz’s night as he connected on the third O’s hit of the innings sending the Hall of Famer packing. By the end of that inning, the Birds were up 7-0 and rolling. Will Clark extended the lead by driving in two on his third RBI double of the night, and then Cal drove him in with his 2nd homer of the night, making it 11-0.

Mind you; we’re still in the 5th inning! Even Moose got into the action on the offensive, doubling up the Braves and pushing the lead to 12-1.  As the Baltimore Orioles continued into the night, they just kept scoring and putting on a show for the away fans. Cal kept his thing going, too, as he smacked a single in the 6th, a double in the 7th, and got one more chance to come up in the 9th.

As the Orioles legend stepped to the plate in the 9th, he was staring Orioles history right in the eye. No Oriole had ever had a 6-hit night, let alone gone 6-6. Even though they were playing in Atlanta, and even though it was just an opo single, the fans erupted as Cal, once again, made history.

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When you look back at this night, it’s tough to think about anything other than Cal Ripken Jr’s massive night at the dish. However, a lot of O’s had huge outings on June 13th, 1999. Will Clark went 4-4, Albert Belle had a 3-6 night, and Moose only gave up one run while driving in three of his own. This was a special night for the O’s and one we will never forget!