BREAKING: The Baltimore Orioles promote Adley Rutschman

Adley Rutschman #76 of the Baltimore Orioles. (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
Adley Rutschman #76 of the Baltimore Orioles. (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /

To say Baltimore Orioles fans were ready is an understatement. However, in the end, none of us were prepared, and most are still shook at the Orioles call-up.

After all, what’s the Rutsch? Thank you, and have a good night! All joking aside, even as we write the words that the Baltimore Orioles have called up Adley Rutschman, we are still shocked. Wow, this is happening!

The time is finally here. After a long night, with the extra-inning walk-off, most of Birdland took the morning to sleep in. However, the Orioles decided to rock the sports world at 8 am by breaking the news via Tweet, email, and notification; however you saw it, it was there.

This has been a massive production in the waiting ever since Adley Rutschman was drafted at #1 overall three years ago. Wait no longer because he is here, and the time is now! Rutschmas, Happy Rutsch Year; whatever the holiday you’ve decided to dub today, dub it!

BREAKING: The Baltimore Orioles promote Adley Rutschman

The start of Adley’s MLB career comes at the hands of Anthony Bemboom. With the call-up to the majors, Bemboom has been designated for assignment, something we all knew was coming. However, you would be remiss not to thank him for his time, especially with his timely tag on Friday night to help secure an Orioles victory.

When Rutschman’s name wasn’t on the Tides roster last night, speculation grew in the Charm City area. It turns out that everyone’s hypothesis was correct, but we all know the outcome. Rutschman will be sporting the number 35, worn by Adam Plutko, Mike Cuellar, and most famously by Hall of Famer Mike Mussina.

If Adley hadn’t strained his tricep this spring, who knows what might could be. However, the minors have been a good restart for his season, and he has dominated every step of the way. Were the extra sessions valuable? Were the consecutive games played over the past few weeks beneficial? You-betcha, or at least we all hope.

Does this call-up feel familiar? It should, ala Matt Wieters. It’s time for the second coming of a switch-hitting catching prospect to get a run out with the Baltimore Orioles. Wieters will go down as a great one for the Baltimore Orioles, but we all never really got to see the full him. There’s absolutely no reason not to dream because tonight has been a long time coming.