Baltimore Orioles 2020 Player Review: Anthony Santander

Prior to his injuries, Anthony Santander started every game he played in for the Baltimore Orioles in 2020.

And, with Ryan Mountcastle being called up to the Baltimore Orioles in the middle of the season, Santander showed that he is here to stay before, during, and after Mouncastle’s call-up.

The O’s have needed players to step-up through the past few years during this rebuilding process and Santander has succeed in doing that. Santander has a great chance to be in the O’s system for the majority of his playing career, and hopefully he can continue to make great strides to help build Baltimore baseball back to where it was a few years ago.

The outfielders that the O’s have had the past few years have come and gone with the exception of Adam Jones and Trey Mancini, but Santander might have given Mike Elias the trust he’s been looking for the past two seasons.

The majority of Santander’s hits came after the 0-1 pitch, 1-0 pitch, and the 1-1 pitch. Santander was not patient when in the box and swung after only a few pitches. In addition, Santander had 16 of his 40 hits with 1 out in the inning and he had 12 hits when there was zero outs and when there was 2 outs.

These stats alone showed that Santander felt confident with situations that were not in the O’s favor. Furthermore, when it was late in the game and it was also a close game, Santander had a batting average of .318 with 3 homeruns and 8 runs batted in.

When the O’s were behind in the game, his batting average was .270 with 6 homeruns and 16 runs batted in. All of Santander’s hits were hit into the outfield and he loved hitting line drives up the middle of the diamond.

Lots of stats that were mentioned, but it shows you that Santander is confident in so many situations. The O’s have such a great player in Santander and his development will only get better throughout his career.

Will Santander have to be more patient and take more pitches, maybe against certain pitchers? Overall, the O’s are happy to have Santander on the team. The future is bright for him and the O’s.