Baltimore Orioles: Trade Deadline Moves with Rockies & Braves

In what seems like a constant with the Baltimore Orioles, the front office made a few uninspiring trades at the deadline.

Unfortunately, they aren’t the exciting win-now trades that Baltimore Orioles fans might have hoped for. Instead, they were the typical trade-away-the-good-players moves that have dominated the last few season.

This time, the Orioles conducted a transaction with the Colorado Rockies, but not for anyone with a name you would know (like Nolan Arenado, Charlie Blackmon, or Trevor Story).

Nope, they traded for two guys who have names that will be easily confused and the good old “player to be named later.” The newest Orioles are Tyler Nevin and Terrin Vavra. See … have fun with those. By the way, they are both second-gen players with famous MLB dads.

To get the TVs, the Orioles gave the Rockies the one person that most of us expected they would trade: Mychal Givens. Of the two trades from today, this one had the best net gain for the Orioles.

Nevin was a 2015 first-round draft pick who was 38th overall. He’s a corner infielder and occasional left-fielder. It would be a horrible thing to be a corner infielder prospect in the Rockies organization. He batted .251/.345/.399 with 13 home runs in Double-A ball in 2019. Nevin is now the 22nd best prospect in the Orioles organization according to the MLB Pipeline.

Vavra is now the 12th best prospect in the Orioles pipeline. Like Nevin, he’s 23 years old, but was drafted in the third round in 2018. He is a middle infielder who played three seasons at the University of Minnesota. He played Single-A ball in 2019 and batted .318/.409/.489 with 10 home runs, 18 stolen bases, and 62 walks and strikeouts.

The Orioles gave Tommy Milone to the Braves who will give the Orioles two PTBNL. Milone was the Opening Day starter for the Orioles, after John Means was sidelined with throwing-arm issues. The Orioles originally picked up Milone on a cheap minor-league contract for $100,000. Hopefully, the prospects the Braves give will be worthy of that and the 1-4 record Milone had pitching this season.

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With the two trades, the Orioles are bringing Keegan Akin and Hunter Harvey back to the Bigs. These trades and roster changes show that the Orioles are still deeply entrenched in rebuild mode. It also drops more money off of the Orioles contract commitments this season.

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