Baltimore Orioles Schedule Changes Due to Marlins Debacle

With four consecutive games against the Marlins postponed due to a COVID-19 outbreak, the Baltimore Orioles had to have a quick schedule change.

The Baltimore Orioles schedule changes take place on Wednesday when the Yankees come to town to have the first series at Camden Yards.

The Wednesday and Thursday games against the Yankees were moved from August 3 and 4, as the Yankees also had to make schedule changes to avoid going to Philadelphia and using the away clubhouse that the Marlins used over the weekend.

The Phillies are sitting in limbo through Thursday. The not-allowed-in-Toronto Blue Jays are scheduled to play at Citizens Bank Park as the home team on Friday. But, who knows if the unusual home series for the Blue Jays at the Phillies’ home stadium will actually take place.

According to the latest news, none of the Phillies have tested positive for COVID-19, but it’s only Tuesday. According to the Phillies official website, the team has undergone addition testing for safety purposes.

As for the Marlins, their schedule is on hold at least through August 2. The Fish were scheduled to play four games against the Orioles, then move from Camden Yards to Nationals Park for a three-game series against the World Series Champions. As more Marlins have tested positive for the virus today, their games against the Phillies in Miami on August 4 might be a pipe dream.

Marlins CEO, Derek Jeter shared a brief message for fans on Tuesday afternoon:

While it is great news that the Orioles get to play on Wednesday, there is some not-so-great news involved.

The Yankees are bringing their ace to Camden Yards. Gerrit Cole was scheduled to pitch in Philadelphia, but the game-postponement announcements were early enough that the Yankees could put him on ice to face the O’s.

Overall, the Orioles starters have not seen much of him. And, what they’ve seen hasn’t been too great. On a positive note, Chance Sisco has homered off of Cole, and in three at-bats, Anthony Santander has a .667 batting average against him. Jose Iglesias is due for a big hit off of him, as the nimble shortstop is 1 for 12 against him in previous meetings.

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The Orioles have not announced their pitcher for the series. It is safe to say that it won’t be Alex Cobb, as Wednesday only gives him four days of rest – even though it seems like it’s been an eternity since the O’s defeated the Red Sox in game two.

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