Baltimore Orioles Fans: Birds Watcher Fantasy Baseball Starts This Week

Baltimore Orioles Fans: Back in February, before the COVID-19 pandemic shut down all sports leagues in the United States, I started a Birds Watcher fantasy baseball league on Yahoo!

Despite the shortened MLB season, our Baltimore Orioles fantasy league is still going on.

To the other managers in our league, this is your reminder that games start this week, so I hope you are also ready to play and compete for our first annual championship.

Opening Day 2020 is Thursday, July 23, and most teams play their first games on Friday, so you still have some time to make any final moves before the season starts.

To the rest of the Birds Watcher community, if I see there is interest, I will write weekly updates on the head-to-head results in addition to my regularly scheduled analysis and predictions that do not pan out.  Even if the Orioles are suffering on the field, at least then half of our twelve fantasy teams will win online.

Don’t know who to root for? Yours truly will gladly accept the fan support for Pie in the Face.

If you appreciate a fantasy commissioner’s role, look no further. Maybe you like one of the other current or former contributors better. Don’t worry, I won’t take it personally. Try out Ari’s Team or Nick’s Notable Team.

Perhaps you want a more Orioles-specific name. You can still join the Pie in the Face bandwagon (seats filling up fast) or pick one of six other teams.

Orange Sox, Bird Seed, Jonesy waz Here, O’s Fan, O’s over Houston *, and The Dean’s Office are all names related to our beloved Birds.

Or, you just want to root for an x-factor, some unpredictable team. Hop on board Reid’s Rad Team, Zach’s Optimal Team, or The Underdogs. All twelve teams have strong rosters, and as long as all managers try and win, we should have a good race to the end of the season.

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I, for one, am so excited for baseball to get started. When you’ve got a fantasy team to manage, the MLB season takes on more meaning. It brings the game closer to home. If you’ve got questions about playing, hit me up on Twitter.

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