Baltimore Orioles: Reviewing Twitter Video from the First Weekend

As baseball is back, the Baltimore Orioles have been releasing short video clips of their players in action during Summer Training.

Most of the video came via Twitter, so let’s take a look at what the Baltimore Orioles released during the long Independence Day weekend.

These videos aren’t a replacement for a real game in front of fans, but it gives us a little glimpse of what we’ll see on TV in the next few weeks.

Let’s start with Jose Iglesias and Hanser Alberto working on double plays:

Iglesias has spent a significant amount of time perfecting his smooth and speedy glove work with long-time shortstop Omar Vizquel. It is easy to see the impact that Vizquel had on Iglesias when he practices these quick flips to 2nd.

When Iglesias played with the Tigers, he and Ian Kinsler were considered one of the best double-play combos in all of baseball. Hopefully, he and Alberto can build their own legacy.

This next video is all about the sound of the ball in the glove, and the art of the transfer. The video begins with Chris Davis showing of the sound, and moves into a transfer drill. Then, you get to see Richie Martin work on catching a ball at third and making the speedy transfer. Watch to the end to see the speed of Iglesias’s transfer from that tiny shortstop glove.

With so much focus on pitching and hitting, glove work gets little respect. But, this video showcases how easy these players make it look to quickly move the ball from the glove to their hand. Try it, you’ll see how difficult it is to transfer at that speed.

Of course, no preseason training is complete without hitting. In this video, Roch Kubatko of MASN captured some batting practice between Richard Bleier and Martin. Of course, you get to see the BP, but what’s notable about the video is where Kubatko is in the stadium. If he could get closer, he would.

Finally, here’s a bit of Hunter Harvey on the mound. He’s just throwing. As bullpen space is limited, pitchers will get plenty of time on the actual mound in their timed sessions during Summer Training.

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Unfortunately, the Orioles haven’t released as much video as other teams Twitter accounts have. We haven’t seen starting pitchers or outfielder get any video time. Hopefully that’ll be coming soon.