Baltimore Orioles: What Could Happen at the 2020 Trade Deadline

The Baltimore Orioles show up to their second round of spring training in about a week as the 2020 MLB reopening is actually happening.

With this unusual event, the Baltimore Orioles will get one chance to make trades. Instead of on July 31, they get August 31.

If the Orioles are going for a full rebuild, what is the worst that could happen on August 31? Rumor has it that the O’s will attempt to trade all of their valuable veterans for young talent.

But, the Orioles don’t have much to trade. So, who should fans enjoy while they can?

Davis & Cobb

Entering the 2020 season, the most veteran player on the squad is Chris Davis. But, with the Orioles still owing him $42 million in 2021 and 2022, it is likely he will be an Orioles for the rest of his contract.

Alex Cobb is another veteran, who will be a free agent after the 2021 season. The Orioles owe him $15 million in 2021, and unless he becomes amazing in the handful of starts he’ll get in the short season, he’ll be a tough trade, too.

Mancini & Iglesias

After those two, the Orioles have very minimal obligations to a handful of players. Trey Mancini might be the Orioles most valuable asset, but his cancer diagnosis and recent surgery should keep him in an Orioles uniform for at least one more season.

Jose Iglesias has a one-year contract worth $2.5 million along with a $500,000 option in 2021. There’s not much to trade there, and Iglesias isn’t the hot name on the shortstop list. He will finish the 2020 season in an O’s uni, too.

Alberto & the Relievers

This leaves only a few other players who are making more than the league minimum. Hanser Alberto, Miguel Castro, and Mychal Givens. Of these three, Givens and Castro should produce the most return for their value. Teams always need relief pitchers and these two have been relatively consistent in their time in Birdland.

It’s difficult to see teams vying for Alberto, as there are other infielders with better statistics. But, if someone wants him, the O’s will most likely trade him for a prospect or two.

Castro struggled a bit in 2019, but he still has a 4.06 ERA in his three seasons in hitter-friendly Camden Yards. Givens also struggled a bit in 2019 – but what Orioles player didn’t. He still has a career 3.40 ERA with the Orioles, who drafted him in 2009 right out of high school.

The homegrown Givens is considered the Orioles most valuable trade piece, especially as a consistent closer. With the Orioles in full rebuild mode, they don’t necessarily need an elite closer yet, so Givens might be of more use to a contending team like the Dodgers, Yankees, or Braves.

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If you’re a fan of Givens, you should enjoy him while you can as several teams have been eyeing him for the last few seasons. By August 31, he will most likely be on another team, hopefully making more money than the $3.2 million the O’s were scheduled to pay him in 2020.



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