Baltimore Orioles: Do You Still Care About Baseball?

With an uninspiring Baltimore Orioles draft, a team expected to be in the bottom, and a seemingly-unending argument about money and games, it’s easy to give up on baseball.

And, once we stop caring about the Baltimore Orioles and the MLB, what happens next?

It looks like baseball will happen, as the Players’ Association told the owners that talk is “futile” and it’s time to just get back to playing. They can rehash the details as the games are played.

But with all the back and forth between millionaires and billionaires while millions of Americans are sick or unemployed, does it still matter to you? Because this isn’t the end of it.

Ronald Blum of the AP reported that Tony Clark of the MLBPA said:

“It unfortunately appears that further dialogue with the league would be futile. It’s time to get back to work. Tell us when and where.”

The owners can do this. They can say that the teams need to show up on X day. Keep in mind that the players are not directly involved in the negotiations. The players on the union board should stay involved in talks. And, all of the talks have been happening via video chat. No one has been in a room together – where the best talking happens. So, players can play while negotiators negotiate.

If you’ve been threatening to never watch baseball again, you still have a passion for the game. But, if you’ve been enjoying your time watching actual orioles, cardinals, and blue jays duke it out for bird seed outside of your window, and you no longer care what becomes of the Boys of Summer, then you may be one of the fans that the MLB lost.

However, if you’re reading this, then you probably care a little.

Remember, MLB and the MLBPA isn’t done fighting yet. Even if the teams hit the field in a few weeks, there are more negotiations on the horizon. The agreement between the players and the owners expires at the end of the 2021 season. So, we can expect some ugliness if next season returns to normal. Then, the proverbial fan will be covered with smelly things as the 2022 season has the potential for a lockout or strike as there are sure to be more arguments about millions and billions. And, who knows what 2023 will look like.

Then, there’s Rob Manfred who seems to not really like baseball as it is. His ideas to shorten the game and bring in more fans always seem rather ridiculous. Pitch clocks, robo-umps, and other goofy things might become the norm in the next few years.

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So, my question remains: Do you still care about baseball?

If you do, then your participation in it as a fan still matters. Continue to read, Tweet, post, and by all means, watch when it returns to a TV in your home.