Baltimore Orioles: Could the Hottest 2020 MLB Seat Be In Hotel Rooms?

With the high probability that the Baltimore Orioles will not play to a live audience in 2020 due to COVID-19, fans might have to get creative to watch baseball somewhere other than on television.

Fortunately, for Baltimore Orioles fans, there could be an option that would allow them to see their favorite players off of the screen.

Orioles fans aren’t alone, as some stadiums offer insider views from outside of the park. The big question is whether or not those opportunities will be available.

In Baltimore, one hotel offers rooms with view of the diamond. But, that one hotel isn’t taking reservations at this time. If the Orioles do begin to play, could the stadium-side rooms at the Baltimore Hilton Inner Harbor become the hottest seats in the city?

Unfortunately, until the MLB releases the tentative schedule, it’s tough to know how much a room at the nearby hotel will cost.

Baseball fans could do short tours of other cities with hotels that open to ball parks. If the Hilton doesn’t open in Baltimore, it’s a seven-hour drive to Toronto. The Toronto Marriott City Centre Hotel has rooms with windows that provide a suite-level view of the field. But, like the Baltimore Hilton, this hotel is also currently closed.

In the other direction, you might be able to watch the Braves from the Omni Hotel at the Battery. This posh hotel is right outside of the gate, and has several rooms that offer great views of the new Atlanta stadium. This hotel is taking reservations, and a room with a view there will cost you at least $283 per night (not including taxes).

If you prefer a drive in the westerly directly, the St. Louis Cardinals also have a few choice spots, especially the Hilton St. Louis at the Ballpark. This hotel has a rooftop bar with views. However, if social distancing measures are in place, this option might not be available.

The shortest drive for a room with a view is in Washington DC, at the Hampton Inn & Suites Washington DC-Navy Yard. One night in July runs just under $200. Not a bad deal for a short drive to see a ball game.

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If the reopening plan is announced and you want to see live baseball (from a distance), you had better book your rooms right away. Once the hotel chains get word that they have the only seats available, the prices will probably skyrocket.

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