Baltimore Orioles: Busy Hot Stove day with minor league signings

It’s no secret that the Hot Stove season has been a bit of a snoozer so far. But, the Baltimore Orioles and their plethora of minor league signings are a move in the right direction.

The Baltimore Orioles signed a baker’s dozen plus one as they shored up the minor league system with veterans.

According to MLB Trade Rumors, the group includes the following:

Pitchers: Jhan Marinez, Joely Rodriguez, Josh Edgin, Ryan O’Rourke, Jeff Ferrell, and Ralston Cash.

Infielders: Ruben Tejada, Luis Sardinas, Angelo Mora, Garabez Rosa, and Erick Salcedo

Catchers: Armando Araiza, Yojhan Quevedo

The majority of these names will never show up in Birdland, but a few of the players do have some Major League experience.

The details on Tejada and Sardinas

Ruben Tejada spent some time with the Orioles in 2017 as a shortstop when J.J. Hardy was out and prior to the Tim Beckham trade. Tejada is 28 years old and has already spent eight seasons in the Major League, with most of his time spent with the New York Mets. At this point in his career, he most likely will not be a full-time starter, but is more likely to be a utility player. His batting stats are not overly impressive, with a career slash of .251/.325/.318 and a total of 10 home runs and 158 RBIs in 657 games.

Luis Sardinas had a minor league contract with the Orioles in 2017. During his one season with the Triple-A Norfold Tides he hit .319/.348/.419 with five home runs and 30 RBIs. He has been a middle infielder for the majority of his career, but with the Tides, he played everywhere except right field, first base, catcher, and pitcher. Like the other gentlemen on this list, he also has Major League experience beginning with the Rangers, then to Milwaukee and Seattle, before spending two seasons in San Diego. He played in 68 games in 2016, but in other seasons he saw time in 43 or fewer games.

The minor league pitchers with limited team experience

Another player with Major League experience is Jeff Ferrell, a former relief pitcher with the Detroit Tigers. He pitched in two seasons and a total of 20.2 innings with the Tigers. His career ERA is an unimpressive 6.53 with a WHIP of 1.839. The Tigers have continually had problems getting any type of positive consistency out of their bullpen. Maybe Ferrell, a right-handed reliever, will be able to turn his luck around in bullpen that isn’t cursed.

Ryan O’Rourke pitched in two seasons for the Minnesota Twins, where he had more success that Ferrell did with the Tigers. The lefty has a career ERA of 4.98, but his 2017 season was 3.96. In 47 innings, he has given up six home runs, walked 25, and struck out 48.

Joely Rodriguez has two seasons in the MLB, both with the Phillies. The lefty pitched in a total of 36.2 innings and has a career ERA of 5.40. He has given up four home runs and struck out 25.

Pitching all over the MLB

Jhan Marinez has pitched all over the MLB in his four seasons that stretched from 2012 to 2017. The right-hander pitched for these teams: Marlins, White Sox, Rays, Brewers, Pirates, and Rangers. His career ERA is 3.43, which is impressive considering how often he has switched teams. In 126 innings, he has given up 11 home runs and struck out 99. He is 29 years old.

None of these men have stats that scream 40-man roster, or even 25-man roster. In fact, there is very little to impress the fanbase. But, hopefully, they can shore up a limited minor league farm system and give the Orioles some peace of mind in case of injuries at the Big-League level.