Baltimore Orioles: Showalter ‘OK’ with Givens pitching in WBC


Baltimore Orioles manager Buck Showalter was initially concerned with Mychal Givens pitching in the World Baseball Classic. However, his coaching staff eased his fears by assuring Givens will have limited work.

If it were up to Baltimore Orioles manager Buck Showalter, none of his players would participate in the World Baseball Classic, especially when there’s a season to be played a mere two months away.

Showalter has also shown particular concern towards reliever Mychal Givens.

However, Showalter is more open to the idea of Givens pitching in the World Baseball Classic in March after current Orioles pitching coach Roger McDowell agreed with Team USA baseball coach Jeff Jones on a limited regimen during the tournament.

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"“[McDowell] mapped out exactly what we want him to do and not do,” Showalter said. “He’s not going to pitch an inning and go out and pitch another inning. It’s one up and one inning with X-number of days off in between, so he’s protected.“We wanted to get that out there. Not that they wouldn’t protect him, but it’s good to get it on paper. It’s something Roger and I sat down during the minicamp and wrote it up. He talked to Jeff and Jim to let them know, ‘Here’s what we’d really like to see happen.’”"

Last month, Showalter was singing a different tune regarding Givens pitching in the World Baseball Classic. He wasn’t sure if Givens should break his normal Spring Training regimen, especially when he had to think about the Orioles season.

"“It’s unfamiliar territory,” Showalter said. “People feel like it’s great for our game and whatever. That’s fine, but I stand accused — I’m looking at what’s best for the Orioles, and it’s a challenge for the pitchers. It is, because they’re starting that competitive clock early and then they’re shutting it down and then they’re turning it back on again. … You know, if the player wants to do it, one, we’re not allowed to give them any advice and two … they are precious commodities and assets to us and our fans, so I stand accused if I have some concerns about it, because I do.”"

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Givens will join Manny Machado (Team Dominican Republic), Adam Jones (Team USA), Welington Castillo (Team Dominican Republic) and Jonathan Schoop (Team Netherlands) in the month-long tournament.