Baltimore Orioles need to control themselves

Courtesy of Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports
Courtesy of Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports /

With Toronto coming to town, the Baltimore Orioles will need to put a cap on their emotions for the next three games.

Over the past few seasons, the Baltimore Orioles have had it out with Toronto. Heck, maybe it even goes back to the whole Cito Sucks deal in the 1990’s. However needless to say, Toronto’s a team that’s for whatever reason identified the Orioles as someone they’re going to dislike. And the Orioles seem to return the favor.

We all know the various histories that follow these games, so I’ll spare you the details. However the fact remains that Jose Bautista and company bring out the worst

Courtesy of Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports
Courtesy of Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports /

of the Orioles. There can be no denying the fact that neither team likes the other. But the Orioles have one thing on their side: self-control.

Of the two teams, the O’s are the one that seem to try everything in their power not to start something. That may be a matter of opinion, and that’s a fair point to make. However Toronto will pick and pick some more on the Orioles – until invariably the O’s eventually have to do something.

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  • When I say do something, I would refer you to September 16, 2014. Several Orioles were being hit with balls, and invariably they would drop the bat and run to first base. It was obvious that Toronto was trying to get them into a fight, and with the O’s headed to the playoffs and Toronto headed home…needless to say the O’s had a lot more to lose than did Toronto.

    Eventually in the eighth inning (with the result of the game no longer hanging in the balance), the Orioles retaliated and hit someone. The O’s do have a reputation as a team that “enforces” the unwritten codes of the game. However they try to use common sense in doing so. If someone gets hit during an at-bat, the Orioles might be opt to let it slide. But if it starts happening multiple times, that’s when they have to take matters into their own hands.

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    And that’s sometimes what has had to happen in these games against Toronto. Make no mistake about the fact that Toronto will tempt the Orioles to do something at some point in this three-game series. But the O’s need to show restraint – that is, unless it becomes impossible to do so. Toronto’s a team that wants to be hated and spat upon. It makes them play better.

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    So don’t give them that opportunity. Bautista and company faire well in a ballpark full of boos directed at them. If push comes to shove, then yes something will have to be done. But hopefully it doesn’t come to that.