Baltimore Orioles: Problems on Yovani Gallardo’s physical

Courtesy of Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports
Courtesy of Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports /

The deal between the Baltimore Orioles and Yovani Gallardo has hit a snag due to problems on Gallardo’s physical.

We all know that the Baltimore Orioles don’t kid around when it comes to physicals. Unfortunately that lesson is being driven home yet again, this time with Yovani Gallardo. The O’s were prepared to formally announce his signing yesterday, however now we’re hearing that there’s more work to do.

Courtesy of Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports
Courtesy of Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports /

Reportedly, the doctors saw something on Gallardo’s shoulder that caused some sort of alarm. Part of these physicals includes an MRI, which is where this was caught. Further tests have been ordered; at this point that’s all we know.

We of course have seen this type of thing before – let us not forget the Grant Balfour situation. The Orioles had a deal with him pending a physical, which turned up several question marks at the end of the day. The Orioles backed out of the deal as a result, causing a major brouhaha.

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  • Balfour, and his friend Dr. Koko Eaton of the Tampa Rays, informed the media that he (Balfour) was fine and that the Orioles were being incredibly unreasonable. At the time I was stunned that a medical doctor who worked for another team would so publicly and so bluntly question the Orioles – or any team, for that matter. However the O’s had the results of the physical examined by three different doctors, all of whom came to the same conclusions. And incidentally, only two of those three doctors worked for the Orioles.

    The Birds of course were made to look the fools in the press, all of whom seemed to take Balfour’s side. However Balfour, who ended up signing with Tampa, did have his share of injury problems. Furthermore he went through a dead arm period while in Tampa. So I would say that was a recommendation well-taken by the Orioles.

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    It’ll be interesting to see if the O’s are dragged through the mud once again this time around. First off I’m not sure that Gallardo has the same attitude problems that Balfour appeared to have. But are they now becoming the team who’s physicals are impossible to pass? Obviously plenty of players have passed the Orioles’ physicals, however the fact remains that they’re still one of the teams who have raised questions on physicals. My personal opinion is that this is exactly the reason why teams do these physicals when they sign contracts. They aren’t mere formalities per se.

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    The Orioles also announced yesterday that 12 spring training games would be heard on 105.7-the fan (WJZ) in Baltimore this spring. The first game is the home opener, on March 2nd against Atlanta. The final three of the broadcasts will include the 30-minute pre and post-game show that fans can hear during the regular season. The entire schedule can be viewed by clicking here.