Baltimore Orioles: Not much going on today


Don’t look for the Baltimore Orioles to make any waves today or this weekend.

Some of you might say, hey Domenic, why are you writing about the Baltimore Orioles on Christmas morning? Well folks, the fact is that I want to post something today. Even if it’s in reality, nothing.

You can’t run a decent column which is absent daily fresh content. But there’s not too much going into this today, as I suspect that readership is going to be light. If you’re looking for the O’s to do what their neighbors to the south did (in signing a big free agent yesterday), I think you’ll be disappointed.

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Funny thing about that is that I actually had someone tweet me asking why the O’s were in on David Wright. Well first off, if you’re comparing the two teams – I’d give the Orioles the nod as having a better second baseman in Jonathan Schoop. Wright’s a great player but Schoop has more upside at this point.

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  • But just because a free agent’s out there on the market doesn’t mean the O’s should or need to be in on him. Is it worth displacing your great young second baseman just to be “in” on a free agent? I think not.

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    Nevertheless, my hope for all of you is that you have a Merry Christmas with family or friends today. Speaking for myself, I hope that my Dad enjoys his first Christmas in years with Baltimore Colts merchandise under the tree (for which I looked far and wide) as much as I’ll enjoy my mother’s manicotti later today. Best wishes to all!