Baltimore Orioles: Holiday slowdown


Don’t expect much from the Batimore Orioles for the remainder of the year.

I wouldn’t expect many waves from the warehouse this week or next, as the Baltimore Orioles are most likely in full holiday mode. That’s not to say that if a certain free agent first baseman wanted to sign they wouldn’t be up for inking him. If that scenario unfolded the warehouse would open up and you’d see a press conference quicker than you could say Kris Kringle.

Courtesy of Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

However that aside, this might be the slowest time of the year for MLB teams. I would expect the hot stove season to pick back up in earnst once the new year is upon us. Heck who knows…perhaps there’ll even be a New Year’s surprise under the tree for the Birds in the form of a first baseman!

I suppose that the image of a tree is more of a Christmas one as opposed to New Year’s but…work with me folks! Coming from an Italian family the season to be jolly doesn’t officially end for me until January 6th. Which brings me to my next point – one day prior to the end of the season I’ll be 35. Ugh, halfway to seventy! ‘Tis the season, I suppose. 

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We’ll have daily new content here at Birds Wather all week and all through the end of the year (and beyond), but I wouldn’t expect anything earth-shattering. We’ll take a look back at some of what went on this year in Birdland, and needless to say it had it’s ups and downs. But so does every year.