Baltimore Orioles not done on Chris Davis?


Numerous industry sources reported that the Baltimore Orioles were in touch with Scott Boras this week.

The word on the street is that the Baltimore Orioles reached out and spoke with agent Scott Boras this week. Boras of course represents Chris Davis, among others. And the story supposedly was that the Orioles were discussing Davis with Boras, who as we know always shoots for the very best deal for his clients. Meaning no hometown discount.

Orioles fans should be hopeful at this, as while the $154 million offer is supposedly off the table, the two sides are talking. We all know how Davis felt about playing in Baltimore, and from everything I can see the feeling was mutual on the part of his teammates, coaches, and the fans. While I might hope that they’re flexible to a bit of wiggle room in the fiduciary number, I would hope that the team wouldn’t be willing to go up to $200 million.

And I say that for two reasons. First off, I think that’s a bad financial deal for the Orioles. Am I saying that Davis “isn’t worth $200 million over eight years?” In a way perhaps I am. However I’m also saying that I think he’s worth in the neighborhood of $150 million over seven years. And that’s not a knock on Davis; we’d all be overpaid at a certain level based on our jobs.

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Chris Davis being put on Bobby Bonilla payout plan by the Orioles
Chris Davis being put on Bobby Bonilla payout plan by the Orioles /


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  • However keep in mind that Boras has haunted MLB teams for years with his mega-deals. There’s a part of me that takes pleasure in seeing him twist in the wind a bit on this, as so far as anyone knows there aren’t any other offers on the table for Davis. The Orioles are being very careful not to put all of their eggs in Davis’ basket, and the fact that they’ve seemed willing to walk away has to be frosting Boras a bit. And quite frankly, perhaps it’s time Boras flailed in the wind

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    here and there.

    Am I saying that Orioles fans should take a bit of pleasure in knowing that it’s their team kind of sticking it to Boras? Yeah, perhaps. And yes, I recognize that someone’s going to comment about how ticking an agent of Boras’ caliber off might bite the O’s in the long run. However I don’t think it would – per se. Boras is motivated by one thing: money. If a team that’s given him a hard time here and there makes the best offer, he’s taking it.

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    But needless to say, O’s fans should take heart that the two sides are still talking. The money is still there on the Orioles’ side, although that won’t be the case forever. At some point they either need to sign Davis or move on for good.

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    And that’s about the only leverage Boras has right now. He probably feels that if he can get to perhaps January, maybe they’ll buckle and offer more money since they might not have other options. So it’s a staring match.