Baltimore Orioles: Santa Claus comes tonight


What’s in Santa’s bag for the Baltimore Orioles?

As Santa prepares his sleigh for the long journey, many wonder what he might bring for the Baltimore Orioles tonight. For as you know, all of the stockings have been hung in the Warehouse with care, with the knowledge that tomorrow Santa will be there. Yeah I know…cheesy. But you get the picture. ‘Tis the season to be corny!

With the signing of Hyun-Soo Kim (which as we know was made official yesterday), the Birds addressed a big off season need. Heck, they needed a solid, hard-hitting corner outfielder last year. However when you find yourself tonight under the mistletoe, what will you be thinking that the Orioles need under the tree tomorrow?

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Well first off, if you’re lucky enough to be under the mistletoe with someone special tonight (as opposed to me who’ll be sound asleep), I hope you won’t be thinking about the Orioles! And to all a good night! However that aside, if it were me I’d go with a first baseman and a power pitcher. 

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  • Here’s the caveat on the first base thing; or any variation thereof. Notice I didn’t specifically say Chris Davis. We all know the battle in which the Orioles are entrenched with him and his agent Scott Boras. You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch. However there are other options. Perhaps Dan Duquette finds another outfielder and move Trumbo to first – there are a lot of other ways things could go down.

    If Kim’s able to smack home run totals in the twenties, if you can find another player who can put up similar numbers (plus Trumbo), you effectively have Davis’ home run production replicated. That’s risky to some people, and I understand that. However the Orioles’ offer isn’t going up for Davis – Boras will have to come down.

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    Don’t underestimate the need for a pitcher as I said above, either. But perhaps that’s another story for another day. All of that said, to any of you who are traveling on this Christmas Eve, stay safe out there. And don’t forget folks, Santa Claus comes tonight!