Baltimore Orioles: Opposing viewpoints wanted on Chris Davis


We’d like to hear from Baltimore Orioles fans who want Chris Davis back – at all costs.

I’ve really beaten the Baltimore Orioles’ situation regardin Chris Davis to death, haven’t I? Especially lately, that is. But give me a break on that, with the winter meetings and FanFest last week, it was kind of a big topic of discussion!

My stance on Davis is fairly clear, and it appears to be shared by a lot of other people. In essence, the Orioles’ reported offer $154 million over seven years is more than fair, and that the Birds effectively were right in walkin away from the table. They can’t wait forever for Chris Davis, and that’s a point on which I think we can all agree.

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On a side note, do the O’s look bad if they spend the money elsewhere and Davis ultimately signs a contract with someone else in that neighborhood? I say no; I think Scott Boras is the guy who looks bad, because the impression would be that he was steering his client either towards one team or away from another. But at the end of the day the point here is that the Birds will have to reallocate that money if in fact they’ve moved on from Davis.

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Chris Davis being put on Bobby Bonilla payout plan by the Orioles
Chris Davis being put on Bobby Bonilla payout plan by the Orioles /


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  • So that’s where I stand, and I feel I’ve made that fairly clear over time. The consensus on this site among the commenters seems to be that most people tend to fall in the same opinion pool. That’s not to say that everyone feels the same way, however that’s the general consensus. But in reading other sites and message boards, I do think that my view comes off as being part of the silent majority. Because there appears to be a very vocal minority group of people who take the opposite stance.

    And that’s who I want to hear from in the comments section today – the vocal minority. It’s easy enough to say that the Orioles should “just sign Davis.” But if you feel that way, I want to hear from you, and hear your reasoning.

    Mind you, this is all a hypothetical conversation, as a contract for Davis or anyone else isn’t coming out of our pockets. The amount of cash in my wallet isn’t going to change if Davis remains and Oriole, and I suspect that the same is true for you. But in all sincerity, I’d like to know the reasoning behind that opposing view.

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    And keep in mind that I’m not saying that in a snarky manner; your view counts as much as anyone else’s. Do you think that Davis is just too good to let get away? Are the Orioles setting themselves up for failure without him? All of those points and others may well be true, mind you, I just want to hear the reasoning behind them.

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    It’s also worth mentionin that until Davis became the everyday first baseman the past few seasons, the Orioles seeed to platoon at first base here and there. It’s easy enough to say that Trubo could slide into that role, but he’s not noted for his glove. At the end of the day, I get it – Davis has been outstanding for the Orioles, and the fact is that they’re a better team with him. But is he priceless?