Baltimore Orioles: Top ten pitchers in franchise history

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Mike Mussina – This one will obviously be somewhat controversial, but you have to throw Mike Mussina into the conversation. Mussina of course was drafted by the Orioles, and spent ten great seasons with the orange and black. Over that time, he was 147-81, with an ERA of 3.53. For his entire 18-year career, Mussina has a win percentage of .638 and an ERA of 3.68.

Of course I say Mussina is somewhat controversial because he left the Orioles and signed with New York prior to the 2001 season. He was resented in Baltimore for years, although the Orioles certainly did have every opportunity to sign him. However keep in mind that Mussina had some great seasons in Baltimore. He was also a fan favorite, which made his departure all the more painful for fans.

But Mike Mussina should definitely be thought of as one of the greatest pitchers in team history. While he was an Oriole, he was great. And in fact, Orioles fans have gotten over it, and at this point have a kinder view of Mussina.

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