Baltimore Orioles: Top ten pitchers in franchise history

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Dave McNally – Dave McNally is the last of the four twenty-game winners in 1971. He was drafted by the Orioles, and played all but one of his 14 seasons with the orange and black. He finished his career in Montreal, where he pitched for one season. However needless to say, he’s an Oriole through and through.

McNally has a career win percentage of 6.07, and an ERA of 3.24. He’s also a three-time all-star. The likes of McNally among others pitched at a time when pitching was starting to become less of an emphasis in games. Owners were slowly beginning to realize that people wanted to see long majestic home runs. And that’s partially why I suspect things such as four twenty-game winners are something we won’t see again.

After retiring McNally became a used car dealer in his hometown of Billings, MT. He passed away in 2002, however his memory lives on in the fans he left behind in Baltimore.

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