Baltimore Orioles: Top ten pitchers in franchise history

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Robin Roberts – Robin Roberts is a guy that came to the Orioles in the twighlight of his career. While he’s most thought of as a member of the Philadelphia Phillies, he spent four years in Baltimore. He had a win percentage of .538 with the Orioles, and an ERA of 3.09.

However perhaps the biggest impact the Hall of Famer had on the Orioles was tutoring another future Hall of Famer – Jim Palmer. Palmer credits Roberts with showing him the ropes of how to be a big league ballplayer. Palmer would later turn around and play that same role for Mike Flanagan when he came on the scene with the Orioles.

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And that’s how life works, folks. You should always have one hand going forward to get a helping hand from those who were before you. But you should also have one hand behind you in order to help those who come next.

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