Baltimore Orioles: Darren O’Day to DC?


Former Baltimore Orioles’ reliever Darren O’Day might be headed just down the pike to Washington – this according to Along with a number of other teams, Washington appears to be a leading suitor. This is presumably coming from talks that agent Scott Boras had at the GM meetings earlier this month.

The MLB Winter Meetings of course are now two weeks away, and presumably we’ll see lots of deals going down at that time. And when I say deals I mean both signings and trades. So might O’Day signing in DC be one of those deals?

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First off while it might hurt some Orioles fans to see O’Day pitching for a “regional rival,” I suspect that he would be a good fit in DC. Washington has had major bullpen issues over the past few seasons, and O’Day would probably help them greatly. Furthermore, if you’re an Orioles fan you’d much rather see him go to DC as opposed to ending up in the AL East. That should go without saying.

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  • O’Day’s wife, Elizabeth, is a FOXNews reporter based in Washington DC, which presumably makes Washington a more attractive destination for him. Granted Baltimore isn’t far, but you get my point. And I suppose that guys choosing teams as a free agent based on reasons as such is simply a sign of the times in which we live. In some cases those issues are important – more so than money.

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    If O’Day walks (to Washington or elsewhere), it remains to be seen how the Orioles fill the gap. It’s easy enough to suggest that relievers are dime a dozen, and perhaps there’s just a bit of truth to that. However when you’ve been as good as O’Day was with the Orioles, that’s tough production to replace. Time will tell.

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    I wouldn’t expect any deals to be done this week, as much like the rest of us most MLB teams are counting the hours until the Thanksgiving holiday. But stranger things have happened.