Baltimore Orioles have the money to keep Chris Davis


At various points over the course of the weekend, Dan Duquette reiterated publicly that the Baltimore Orioles have the financial resources to keep first baseman Chris Davis in Baltimore. The Orioles were a bit taken back by the fact that Matt Wieters accepted their qualifying offer late last week, however Duquette wants to be clear in that it doesn’t affect their ability to keep Davis. That’s good news for Orioles’ fans.

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Incidentally when I say taken back, I mean that players normally don’t accept the qualifying offer. However this season we saw a couple of guys do it, but none more high-profile than Wieters. But the fact is that while teams don’t expect players to take those offers, they offer them up with a plan in mind. And that appears to be Duquette’s implication.

Many fans will say if you can sign him, go out and do it – NOW! And perhaps that’s understandable in a way. However as can be the case with all big sales, sometimes you want to let the deal percolate a bit. Furthermore I would submit that if a deal (with any player, leaguewide for that matter) doesn’t get done this week it won’t get done prior to the winter meetings. With Thanksgiving being next week, I wouldn’t expect much MLB business to be taking place. 

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Chris Davis being put on Bobby Bonilla payout plan by the Orioles
Chris Davis being put on Bobby Bonilla payout plan by the Orioles /


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  • But the news du jour for O’s fans is that according to the Vice-President of Operations, the team can afford to keep Chris Davis. This is not to say that he’ll ultimately stay here or that the O’s will be the last man standing. They’re still not going to overpay for someone – anyone, for that matter. Obviously this is where the debate flips into how much is too much, and for some people whether or not anything is too much. But time will tell what the market is on Davis or anyone else. 

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    Incidentally the winter meetings are the week of December 7th, which in the Orioles’ case will be followed by Orioles FanFest on December 12th. Many folks of course are playing devil’s advocate and questioning if there’s a political reason for having FanFest so early as opposed to the normal late January or early February date. People have to do their Christmas shopping, right?!

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    It’ll be interesting to see if Davis’ signing is stretched out to the end of the hot stove period, however one way or the other we know that Boras will get the best deal he can for the top home run hitter in baseball.