Baltimore Orioles: Deals to Keep Top 3 Free Agents


This afternoon the Orioles offered Chris Davis, Wei-Yin Chen, and Matt Wieters contract extensions. On the other hand, the Orioles declined offers to Darren O’Day and Steve Pearce. Gerardo Parra is the only free agent that the Orioles have who they did not speak with today. This is because Parra is not eligible for a deal due to the trade the Orioles made to acquire him during this past regular season.

This was somewhat of a predictable move. The Orioles obviously are interested in keeping Davis around, the 2015 league leader in homeruns, and Chen being a valuable asset to a lacking rotation, but the offer to Wieters almost didn’t make it to the table.

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Apparently, as reported by MASN Sport’s, School of Roch, the Orioles did not feel comfortable offering upwards of $16 million to one player who could leave the O’s hanging out to dry, reminiscent of the Markakis deal that went by the wayside last year. The O’s eventually decided to offer him the deal because if all else fails, the O’s will still obtain a draft pick from losing him.

The players who were offered the deal have up to seven days to accept, which they most likely won’t.

This can be a nerve-racking time for the Orioles and their fans. The O’s definitely do not want to lose the power that Davis brings to the team. Especially since Machado had the second most homeruns on the team with 35 then after that there was Jones with 27. After these players homerun production drops significantly.

Just in case the O’s do lose Davis there have been reports speculating that the O’s could be enter a bidding war to acquire a Korean first baseman. Byung-ho Park is a 29-year-old player that has recorded an outlandish 109 home runs over the past two seasons.

In order for the O’s to even start a conversation with Park, they need to start bidding with Japan’s Nippon Professional Baseball League. From there the winning team will then be allowed to contact Park directly and discuss possible deals.

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This could be a possible “plan-b” if Davis decides to decline the O’s leaving the organization to begin panicking. The MLB leader in home runs is bound to receive pretty impressive offers and if the O’s lose Davis and do not pick up another power producing first baseman a lot may be left in the hands of a subpar rotation, a rotation that received an addition today.

The O’s are giving Chris Jones, a Triple-A Norfolk pitcher a chance to play with the big boys. The Orioles placed Jones on the roster today. Jones is a left-handed pitcher who their organization thinks highly of.

”By continuing to pitch well in the Dominican Republic this winter, he has earned his spot on the roster.” – Dan Duquette

As reported by MASN’s School of Roch, the O’s V.P. Dan Duquette speaks highly of Jones, saying, “Chris Jones has compiled two good years at Triple-A since becoming a starter and really improved his control in 2015.” Duquette also stated, “By continuing to pitch well in the Dominican Republic this winter, he has earned his spot on the roster.”