Baltimore Orioles: Pulse of the fans on Chris Davis and others


Chris Davis contract status is probably the biggest thing facing the Baltimore Orioles this off season. That’s no mystery to fans, be them Orioles fans or otherwise. There’s not one team in Major League Baseball that probably wouldn’t want to open their pocketbooks for Davis – if the price were right. And the fact is that the price might be different across the board.

The consensus among most Orioles fans is that Davis has no prayer of remaining in Baltimore. And the consensus also appears to be that the onus falls on the Orioles if in fact he goes elsewhere. And that might very well be the case at the end of the day. But you’d have to admit, the guy’s not priceless…is he? 

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Chris Davis being put on Bobby Bonilla payout plan by the Orioles
Chris Davis being put on Bobby Bonilla payout plan by the Orioles /


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  • I’ve heard it all at this point; if the O’s aren’t willing to re-sign Davis, I’m done as an Orioles fan. Either that, or if the Orioles can’t manage to re-sign Davis I refuse to go to games next year…you get the idea. Spare me. If you were that big a fan to begin with you’ll perpetually be there. I often skoff at people who tell me I used to be a fan of this team but then I switched to that team. Sorry, the link couldn’t have been that strong to begin with if you switched. Because you have the memories of growing up watching the first team as a kid with your family (presumably); ultimately you don’t have those roots with any other team and thus it can’t ever be the same.

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    So the point is that regardless of what most people say or think they’re going to do, they won’t cease to identify as Orioles fans if Davis walks. But I digress. If he wears anything besides orange and black next year, there’ll be some pretty ticked off people. But at what point are the Orioles “absolved” from blame in terms of not signing him?

    My personal opinion is that wherever Davis ends up, it’ll be for a contract in the neighborhood of 5-6 years, and $150-$160 million. So my answer to my own question is very simple; if it’s much higher than that point, it’s an overpayment. Granted if someone throws $200 million at him he’s still not playing for the Orioles (assuming it’s not them who does that), but Orioles fans should feel better about the team’s decision not to offer a contract like that.

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    So my question to O’s fans is where do you stand? Again, the guy isn’t priceless – in my view. Maybe in yours he is, and thus the Orioles should pay literally whatever they have to pay to keep him. If you feel that way, that’s fine. I disagree, and in fact I think it would show a pretty poor business acumen, however we’re all entitled to our views. And I respect that.

    But at what point would you, presumably as an Orioles fan, indirectly “absolve” the franchise of being cheap or pinching pennies? At what threshold does it make more business sense for the O’s to walk away than to sign the deal? If someone signs him for around what I suggested (or less), then I would say the O’s didn’t step up enough. But if it’s more than that, while they still wouldn’t have gotten their man it would make better sense to have walked away at the end of the day.

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