Baltimore Orioles: 7 More Wins Could Do it


The Baltimore Orioles don’t have to win out to make the playoffs. It would be nice, yes, but you’d have to shake the tube pretty hard to get that much “Orioles Magic” out in just two weeks. So we’ll settle on a 7-2 finish for the O’s. With 7 wins, let’s look at the scenarios that would allow the Orioles to grab that last AL Wild Card spot.

For the O’s to get in at 83-79, the:

Astros: Must go 3-5 or worse

Angels: Must go 4-5 or worse

Twins: Must go 5-4 or worse

Indians: Must go 6-3 or worse

So basically, Houston can only win three more games, LA can only win 4 more games, etc. These teams have schedules that say it’s possible.

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Houston has two more games against the Rangers, who have been red-hot. Their final six games are against Seattle and Arizona — squads that are surely capable of taking down the ‘stros.

The Angels, like the Astros, have more games against Texas. LA finishes out its season with a 3-gamer against the Rangers, all of which could still be meaningful baseball for Texas. They also have series against both Seattle and Oakland.

Minnesota doesn’t have an easy schedule. On top of two more games against Detroit, they go to Cleveland for four games before they head home to finish out the season against the Royals. Kansas City may still be playing for home field advantage, so it’s not a sure thing that they will be resting their stars.

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  • Finally we have the Indians. Cleveland can only lose three more games in this situation, and they have the toughest schedule of anyone. They have Kansas City, Minnesota, and the youthful Red Sox to end 2015.

    The Orioles’ remaining schedule has them finishing out a road series with Boston before heading home to face Toronto and the Yanks. Did I say Cleveland had the toughest remaining schedule? Yikes.

    The O’s would need to take the final two from the Red Sox, win three of four against Toronto, and go two for three against New York. Or something like that.

    Remember, if two teams are tied for the second Wild Card position, a one-game playoff will be played to decide who gets to play in, well, the one-game playoff that can get you into… the actual playoffs.

    It’s not impossible.