Baltimore Orioles: Should the O’s go after David Price?


David Price comes to town with Detroit starting tonight to take on the Baltimore Orioles. Yesterday Detroit announced that they were “rebooting,” and that they would consider making a move to trade Price. (Incidentally, rebooting is just another manner of saying rebuilding with a tip of the cap to the IT industry.) So…what do you, the Orioles fans, think about the Birds possibly acquiring Price?

Let’s start with the fact that it would be an easy swap. Price will be in town for the series with the O’s, and in fact he’s currently slated to pitch on Sunday afternoon. All he would have to do is switch clubhouses – which happens every so often in baseball. It always makes for an awkwardly interesting day.

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    However my personal opinion is that the Orioles would be ill-adised to go after Price. Mind you, he’s a bona fide ace and he would help any team that acquires him. However while they’ve had their struggles to this point, the Orioles’ starting pitchers haven’t been the biggest problem the team has had this year. The glaring hole it seems are the corner outfield spots.

    And as we also know, the Birds are also having trouble driving in runs. So it would make the most sense to me that the Orioles should go after a corner outfielder. We’ve heard rumors of San Diego’s Upton possibly coming here, along with Milwaukee’s Gomez (medical issues aside). But those are the types of players for whom the Orioles should be trading in my view.

    Some might disagree, and that’s fine. I’m not going to suggest that David Price wouldn’t help the Orioles’ rotation, because he most certainly would. However my point would be that it would be a waste of minor leaguers to go out and get a guy who wouldn’t address your biggest need. And my personal opinion is that pitching isn’t their biggest need.

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    Again, that’s open to interpretation. However I suppose that if you have Bert Jones as your quarterback and he has no legitimate downfield targets, you’re not going to look to simply upgrade your QB. It would be great for you to go out and get Terry Bradshaw, but even in acquiring him you’d still have the issues downfield.

    Now with that said, if there was someway that the Birds could acquire Price AND a corner outfielder, that might be a different story. But if I were Dan Duquette that’s what I would be addressing first and foremost. And as I’ve said all along, don’t forget that the Orioles have always been fairly active in August as well. Trades can still be made through waivers, which is how they’ve obtained several players over time.

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