Baltimore Orioles: Trade Matt Wieters?


Earlier this week I wrote about the unlikelihood of the Baltimore Orioles trading Chris Davis…but what about Matt Wieters? His contract is up at the end of the season just like that of Davis. In the opinion of many, Wieters will not be an Oriole moving forward after this season. So would it not make sense for the O’s to get something for him?

This touches on something that I’ve discussed before; are your players worth more to you on the roster, or on the trade block? In this specific case, there’s little doubt that Wieters is worth more to the Orioles on the

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roster. First off, the Orioles are very much in contention. So it wouldn’t make sense for them to unload such a major piece of their present, lest they want to admit to themselves that they in effect have no chance to win this year. And we all know that’s not the case.

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Baltimore Orioles: Adley Rutschman invokes memory of Matt Wieters /

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  • However secondly that brings up another point. Matt Wieters (along with Chris Davis, Bud Norris, and other pending free agents) aren’t worth very much on the trade block this year. As pending free agents, another team would be acquiring him in a rental capacity in a sense – similar to what the Orioles did last year with Andrew Miller. So would a team be that willing to give up what the Orioles might expect in return for Wieters?

    To me, that answer is no. However there are some folks who still will argue that it’s better to get something than nothing. And maybe they’re right – I really don’t know. Mind you that Wieters signing with another team this coming off season would not mean that the Orioles were wrong to hold onto him. It would just mean that they couldn’t get what they felt he was due.

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    And regardless of what anyone thinks or says, return on investment is key when it comes to deals like this. You never make a deal with someone else just to make a deal – and that’s good negotiating advice in general, not just in baseball terms. I maintain that the best thing that the Orioles can do for themselves with regard to Matt Wieters is to re-sign him. Ideally, this would occur prior to the season ending. Heck, perhaps even today! But Wieters remaining an Oriole long-term is the best case scenario. The onus is on both parties to get that done.

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