Baltimore Orioles: Buck Showalter should be an All-Star


The Baltimore Orioles have four players represented on the American League all-star roster; but the name of Buck Showalter is noticably absent from the roster. So why should Showalter be on the roster itself? Well, I suppose I’m not suggesting that he should be on the roster, but the coaching staff. And it’s not the first time that he should have been included.

The only thing that’s basically set in stone is the manager of each team. The World Series managers from the previous year are given the honor of managing the team – in this case, Kansas City’s Ned Yost. But the manager is allowed to choose whomever he wishes as part of the coaching staff. So…why not Buck? 

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  • For what it’s worth, Yost picked Seattle’s Lloyd McClendon to be on the staff. On the NL side San Francisco’s Bruce Bochy did pick Los Angeles’ Don Mattingly. And often times the all-star staffs include other actual managers from other teams as base coaches among other things. In fact, the only spots on the staffs which I would submit should be filled with assistants might be a pitching coach.

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    Showalter of course is the defending AL Manager of the Year, and the level of cunning that he brings to the dugout is now legendary around baseball. Now having said that, there are plenty of other managers across the American League who one would submit are just as deserving. New York manager Joe Girardi, for instance; you could also throw in Mike Scioscia in LA.

    I suppose what I’m saying is that I find it a bit interesting that as good as Showalter’s teams have been since he’s been in Baltimore, he’s never outwardly been tabbed to be on the coaching staff at the all-star game. And for the record, this might not necessarily be the “fault” or the doing of the AL manager. It’s entirely possible that Showalter’s been asked or that inquiries have been made over time, and that he’s rebuked them.

    Rebuke might be a bit harsh of a term, however the fact is that players and coaches alike are so close to their own teams and situations throughout the entire season, and many of them look forward to the all-star break. It gives them a chance to rejuvenate a bit, much like vacations do for workers in numerous other industries. As much as a family/community-oriented guy as he comes across as being, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if that was the case with Buck.

    However needless to say, Showalter deserves consideration to say the least. Keep in mind that there’s very little actual “coaching” that goes on in these all-star games. The fact is that someone has to coach the team, act as a pitching coach, etc. I would submit that whomever is starting the game should have his team’s pitching coach on the staff.

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    Nevertheless, my personal hope is that Buck Showalter spends his few days off next week doing whatever he chooses to do – be it in Baltimore or elsewhere. Quite frankly if it were me I’d make plans to go off to some Carribean island or maybe the Florida Keys with my family or something along those lines. But needless to say, it would have been both nice and fitting to see Showalter in some manner in the dugout this coming Tuesday night.

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