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Just a reminder; Baltimore Orioles fans can catch Manny Machado in the home run derby at the all-star game tonight. Adam Jones, Zach Britton, Darren O’Day, and Machado will also be on the AL roster in tomorrow night’s all-star game. So here we are at the All-Star break itself, and the O’s sit at 44-44. Some people are disappointed by that, and perhaps with good reason. However I would also remind folks that between 1998-2011 most of them would have killed for .500 at the break.

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So what can our fans here at Birds Watcher expect here at the All-Star break? First off, I’m excited to announce that we have a new writer on staff. His name is Hunter Firestone, and he’s going to be covering the Orioles’ minor leagues for us here at Birds Watcher. Fans can expect A few columns per week from Hunter regarding what’s cooking in the Orioles’ farm system, perhaps with an occasional column about the big league club. Speaking for myself, I’m thrilled by this because I would submit that minor league coverage is something that we’ve lacked for some time. So join me in welcoming Hunter to the team!

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  • We’ll cover this week’s festivities and what the Oriole players do in the various events, mainly the game of course. But we’ll also take a look at what the Orioles need to do moving forward, perhaps along with what they’ve done thus far in the first half of the season. Again, while some folks are probably disappointed with 44-44, there were a lot of things that went right for this team. Please don’t forget that.

    I also want to hear from you, our great fans, in the comments section of this column. First off I can’t tell you enough how appreciated you are, and how much I along with all of our writers value you as readers on a daily basis. So is there anything more that we could be doing in our daily coverage of this team? Is there perhaps an angle that maybe we haven’t taken that you might like to see us take?

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    I’ve taken constructive criticism for most of my life – please don’t hold back, I can take it! My unbiased opinion is that the O’s will bounce back quickly once the second half begins. So with that said I believe it’ll be an exciting next couple of months in Birdland. I just want to ensure that we’re covering the team the way you the fans want us to do. So once again, your comments are welcome and encouraged!

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