Baltimore Orioles: Buck Showalter All-Time Team

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A lot of folks are going to submit other names via comments, and tell me I’m crazy for choosing the players that I did. Maybe I am – who knows?! But the fact is that in order to win as many games as Showalter has (both with the Orioles and before coming to Baltimore), Buck Showalter’s had some pretty good players come his way. One glaring omission I suppose is the position of relief pitcher, so you might throw a young Mariano Rivera in there as well. And for what it’s worth, Showalter managed Deion Sanders in the minor leagues.

However many of these players were guys that Showalter managed in the past. Buck Showalter’s a guy that’s keenly aware of the fact that while it’s great to look back, life moves only forward. So if he were reading this, he’d probably say “this is great, but…I like our guys now.” That aside, congrats to Buck Showalter on his 400th win as the Orioles’ manager.