Baltimore Orioles: Buck Showalter All-Time Team

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Second Base: Craig Counsell

Courtesy of Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

This was a bit of a tough one because Buck Showalter didn’t seem to ever coach a “name” second baseman. That’s not to say that he hasn’t had decent guys come his way who played that position, but nobody with the name recognition of a Don Mattingly, et al. However according to SAFE (Spatial Aggregate Fielding Evaluation), he was the second highest rated second baseman in baseball from 2002-’08. Like Don Mattingly, Counsell is also now a fellow manager to Showalter, as he was named the manager of the Milwaukee Brewers in the wake of a managerial change. For what it’s worth, Showalter managed Counsell in Arizona. It’s also worth mentioning that by the time Showalter leaves the Orioles, this and other names on the list just might be different if the likes of Jonathan Schoop and others have anything to say about it. 

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