Baltimore Orioles: Buck Showalter All-Time Team

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Catcher: Matt Wieters

Photo: Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Jorge Posada might run a close second, however Showalter only managed him when he was a September call-up in 1995. (Showalter resigned after the season.) However over the course of his career Showalter hasn’t always had top notch catchers. There are some who would argue that Wieters actually fits in nicely in that discussion. In other words, some feel that Wieters hasn’t materialized into what he could have been or was expected to be. However the fact is that Wieters is an all-star caliber catcher.

If you look over Buck Showalter’s teams from top to bottom over the years, Wieters is probably the catcher that he’s coached. Obviously he’s also had injury problems, so thus it remains to be seen if he continues to be that great catcher. But to this point I’d have to give him the nod.