Baltimore Orioles: A week in the Big Apple


Unequivocally, the Baltimore Orioles should have a more normal week than they did last week. I say should, because as we were abruptly reminded last week, the world is unpredictable. However there are a few things that will make this road trip somewhat unconventional – although not as unconventional as the just-completed home stand. First off they begin tonight with one of those dreaded two-game series’, this time at the New York Mets.

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Interleague play is probably tougher for AL teams in NL ballparks, as opposed to the opposite. American League pitchers aren’t used to hitting, and the entire lineup can often look out-of-wack given the fact that a true bat is being lifted from the order in favor of a pitcher’s bat. And as I said above, it’s a dreaded two-game series. Teams generally don’t like these truncated series’ like these, because it’s tough for them to get into a groove against an opponent. 

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However in this case it’s both just a bit easier and just a bit more bizarre for the Orioles. The good news is that the Birds will stay in New York and head to the Bronx starting Thursday evening for a four-game set against their division rival NY Yankees. Same city, same hotel, and in effect the same routine. It’s almost like a six-game series in that sense.

However that in and of itself is also the bad news in a way. Teams are used to getting to a city, and then being gone and onto the next city three days later. So while it sounds strange to say that staying in the same place for six days throws off the routine, in fact it might just a bit. However in reality it also bears resemblance just a bit to a home stand, as the team will be staying in one place.

Former NL pitcher Bud Norris gets the start for the Orioles in Queens, which may in a way be a benefit given that he’s had a few at-bats in his career. With all of this said, I’ll also make my normal point of saying that I’d love to see the American League do away with the DH. I know it’s never going to happen, but I’m just wishing. I love seeing pitchers hit and help make an impact on the offensive side of the game. Nevertheless, Norris will be opposed by the ageless wonder Bartolo Colon.

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