Fashion Police 2012: Caps


The Orioles have announced the first uniform change for the 2012 season and boy am I excited for it!

If you recall, I wrote an article a few months ago about my Random Thought of the Day: Logo Edition, in which I discussed the very thing that has now happened to the uniforms.

The cartoon bird is back!! The O’s will now feature the old-school Oriole on their baseball caps. However, it’s not the same bird. It is a new creation from both the 1970 and 1983 bird, both of which were World Series winning years.

Not only is the mascot much more attractive than last year’s ugly, real bird, it is also the mascot in place the last time the Orioles were good. Maybe it’s just a revenue move to try and make more profit on attire or maybe it’s to get older fans in the stands who stopped paying attention 10 years ago or maybe it’s a suspicion thing and someone in the marketing department said “Hey, maybe the 14-year losing streak is because of the logo.” Why did it take them so long to figure this out????

See the new uni’s, the rest of my take on them, and vote in a poll after the jump.

We all know how suspicious this team is aka continuing to wear the black alternate jerseys two seasons ago on a hot winning streak until they lost and then not wearing the black alternate jerseys the next Friday night home game because they thought they were bad luck. Yeah, they’re suspicious.

Also on a uniform related note: THE ORANGE JERSEYS ARE BAAAAAAACK! Wait a minute, didn’t I write about that, too? What is going on here? That marketing department guy must be reading my blog!

Anyways, I love the alternate orange jerseys and hope to see them.